Residential sound records

With your sound engineer or with Jacques Hermet, regain the quality of the vintage sound while you are recording or mastering without giving up the digital edition and mixing easiness.

Be able to print a live album with the best professional quality in an incredible short time.

Combining the best vintage analogic peripheral equipment - Telefunken + Neve + Manley + Neumann + Urei + Studer + Lexicon, with a high quality digital system - Apogee AD/DA/16X + Digidesign Pro Tools HD3 on a Mac G5 Tower - a very large microphone set - 50 microphones including 4 Neumann U47 with VF14 tube, 8 tubes and 13 ribbons - and 5 isolated rooms with high end acoustic treatment - the Studio du Moulin offers the possibility to perform any professional audio project till the end.

Producing // directing // arrangement // sound recording // mixing // mastering // pre-production // post-synchronization // layout and high definition digital transfer up to 192khz.

Just a twenty minute drive from Toulouse, this former windmill surrounded by trees is perched on top of a hill. It is now a complete residential studio that combines efficiency and serenity for all musical creation.

Traditional orchestras, Jazz Big Bands or Rock bands the studio comes to you!
We can record in your favorite concert hall with your favorite frequency ...  from 44,1 to 192 Khz!