Residential sound records

With your own sound engineer or Nicolas Jobet, find the grain and warmth of analog sound for your sound recordings and mastering, without giving up the digital editing and mixing facilities.

Have the opportunity to make definitive "live" records with the sound of the greatest professional productions without wasting time.

By combining vintage analog devices of the best vintages - Telefunken + API + GML + Neve + Neumann + Urei + Studer + Lexicon + Manley with a latest digital chain - System HDX1 + HD I / O 16x16 Analog + Pro Tools Ultimate 2019 on an iMac , a prestigious and very versatile microphone park: more than 50 microphones, including 4 Neumann U47 with VF14, 8 with lamps and 13 with ribbons, and 5 isolated rooms with modular acoustic treatment, the Studio du Moulin allows you to create all your professional audio projects down to the smallest detail.

Productions // realizations // arrangements // sound recordings // mixes // mastering // artist pre-productions // post-synchronizations // sound dressings and high definition digital transfers up to 192khz.

Perched on a tree-lined hill 20 minutes from Toulouse, this former windmill is today a real residential studio that combines efficiency and serenity for any creation of acoustic, electric or electronic music.